Torture Museum

The Rack, Skullcracker, Judas Cradle, Thumb Screws, The Saw… in a way, these might read like the names of some hard rock or metal bands (Iron Maiden comes to mind), but they are actually some of the vilest inventions ever devised by mankind. Thousands, if not millions of people were subjected to the cruelest punishments imaginable during the Middle Ages. The Torture Museum sheds a light on that morbid past and is the perfect place to learn more about the history of the horrible instruments that were used during interrogations, punishment sessions, and executions. The Torture Museum is a spine-chilling, educational attraction in the center of Amsterdam. Reserve your tickets online and enjoy fast-track admission to what is often regarded as one of the world’s most unusual museums!

Discover a dark past in the Torture Museum Amsterdam

The Torture Museum Amsterdam is not for the faint of heart. This gripping attraction will give you a vivid glimpse into a dark medieval past where gruesome torturing techniques and public executions were commonplace occurrences. Over 40 different instruments and torture methods from different parts of Europe are on display in the Torture Museum Amsterdam. The collection ranges from the more well-known devices like the guillotine and the garotte, to the obscure like the inquisition chair and the sling. Besides the torture instruments themselves, the Torture Museum Amsterdam also provides engravings with a brief historical background on when each technique was used and where it originated from. The descriptions are available in several different languages, including English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and German. The collection features both original and reconstructed devices that became popular in the period between the early Middle Ages and the French Revolution. The museum is located in the city center, just opposite the famous flower market ‘Bloemenmarkt’.



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