Escape Room The Bar

Enter the bar where Jacob’s party got completely out of control the night before and make sure you get out of the place alive. The best part of a wedding is, of course, the bachelor party. That is what Jacob and his friends think too. Which is why they partied all night long in the bar: drinking, dancing, doing drugs. An evening to never forget. Until the pub owner calls you the next morning in a panic. The partygoers have left a gigantic mess and the worst part is that there is a bomb ticking on the bar! Come over immediately to dismantle the thing.

Escape Room Amsterdam

Escape Room Amsterdam takes you into the rich life of Jacob, an Amsterdam stockbroker. He is engaged to Kim, a beautiful girl from a poor family. Kim will do everything to make sure that Jacob and his money are forever hers. If after the bachelor party a bomb is found in the bar, all hell breaks loose. Jacob is nowhere to be found, so it’s up to you to figure out what’s going on …


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